Decerno Music Entertainment is a young, innovative and dynamic small company. We provide services with an eye for you.


The IMass Music Group is a young, innovative and dynamic music label. We are working on an international level in the music industry. We believe in honesty and hard work. That is what we also expect from the musicians that are contracted with us.


We help building artist brands, from helping with a logo to building a backpack for their future. It is important for a young artist to develop themself, we are their to support that.

Event Organiser

From festival to a birthday party we can assist, take a small part on our hands or organize the event. Do you want to give us full control over your event or do you want us to do a small part, it is all possible. Get in touch with us and let us discuss how we can help you!


This are all the Artists signed with the IMass Music Group

All artists are free to release and play where ever and when ever they want, we give our artists a fair share of their creations. Personal contact is where we stand for. We will never stand in between their creativity process.

The artists signed on IMass Music Group are hard working artists. They deliver great quality music. At IMass Music Group you're not just a number. When you become an artist of IMass Music Group you will be part of the family, part of the next generation, part of history. We are united.

Meet The Artists.

Dubstep/Electro DJ's (USA)
Electro/Big Room Dj's (NL/USA)
House DJ (USA)
September "94
Pop/Rock band (NL)
Electro DJ (USA)
House DJ (NL)

About Us

This is who we are.

Decerno Music Entertainment is Bas Damsma an independent entrepreneur with the support of volunteers for events and the record label. We also work with different independent entrepreneurs if the project needs more hands.

Meet The Team.

Bas Damsma

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Personal contact is where we stand for, we want to help you the best we can.
Please let us know where we can help you out with.